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Oleg Koval's exit from prison on bail 3758 euro
Under the request of the defense, the court of the city of Saranda (Albania) decided to impose a pledge in the amount of 3758 euros to Koval Oleg Aleksandrovich. New Year Oleg will celebrate at large!
On the Day of the Lawyer and St. Nicholas Day!!!

On the night of December 18-19, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker comes to the house and leaves gifts for the children. Day of Advocacy is also celebrated in Ukraine on December 19.

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv chose house arrest for the suspects under article 191 part 5 of the criminal code of Ukraine

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv chose house arrest for our client. who is suspected of committing embezzlement of funds in especially large sizes in a group of officials who occupy especially responsible positions.
Criminal case is being investigated by the National Police under article 191 part 5 of the criminal code.

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Адвокат по ДТП (дорожно-транспортным происшествиям)

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Call now and get advice:+38 (050) 777-03-81 (Vodafone), +38 (096) 444-63-04 (KievStar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (LifeCell), e-mail:


An accident with the Audi Q7 the criminal case. Protection of the victim. Successful experience

An accident with the Audi Q7 the criminal case, the protection of the victim of an accident, a successful record of helping accident, the culprit punished

Pretty drunk, two friends (one a successful businessman, and the second high-ranking official) decided to go home from the restaurant.

While the owner of Audi Q7 (businessman) decided to go on the back seat and fell asleep, behind the wheel sat his friend.

When you hibernate the host of such a powerful vehicle and the intoxicated driver wanted speed. He decided to try this car and developed high speed (about 180 km/h).

However, fate has played with them a malicious joke and the car is planted on the mound, he rolled over and collided in flight with a pillar.

The driver was still alive. Security system saved his life. However, the owner of the car, slept in the back seat and did not Wake up from the injuries he died. The tragedy for the family.

After the accident the officer left the scene.

After identification, the officer began to deny his guilt and said that driving was just deceased owner.

Our attorneys have taken to protect the injured party to prove the guilt of the official. It wasn't just yet due to the administrative pressure on the investigation from his side. Conducted complex autotechnical examination, additional examinations of the scene and vehicle, investigative experiments, our detectives have established the witnesses.

Though not active opponents, we managed to achieve a presentation of official charges of election to it measures of restraint in form of detention. The case was further sent to court and he was sentenced to actual imprisonment.

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