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Hunting of draftees on the streets
Hunting of draftees on the streets - a report on the TRK Ukraine. Comments lawyer A.N. Evsutin
CALL to Army 2018, How to get a reprieve, Lawyer

From April 01 to October 1, 2018, an appeal was announced to the Ukrainian Army.
Under the decree of the President of Ukraine will be called young people aged 20 to 27 years.
In the future, it is planned to increase the draft age to 30 years.
How to get a deferral from the service and avoid calling?

The lawyers of ACB "UIP" providing criminal defense in Chisinau
International criminal defense lawyers Law and consulting Bureau "of"United International Partnership" Alexander Evsutin and Gennady Skvortsov provide legal assistance to our client from the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic in Chisinau Moldova.
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Migration audit

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MIGRATION CONSULTING (study, work, life)

Call now and get advice: +38 (044) 333-91-06  (Kiev city), +38 (066) 911-06-40 (vodafone), +38 (068) 911-06-40 (kievstar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (lifecell),Viber, e-mail:



Migration audit

Migration audit

Migration audit consists of checking by our staff of compliance with the Ukrainian migration legislation legal entity regarding the validity of foreign employees in the company, as well as other categories of foreign citizens arriving in Ukraine at the invitation of the company.

The object and purpose of the assessment ( audit):

Expert estimation of documents of the company and each foreign citizen engaged in labor activities (which is planned for employment by the employer), other categories of foreign citizens arriving in Ukraine for the company, regarding the legality of entry (exit) to / from Ukraine, stay and movement of foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine and implementation of this foreign citizen of labour activity on the territory of Ukraine.

Analysis and minimization of risks associated with the mismatch of documentation and procedures to the current legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of labour and business migration.

Migration audit is carried out in the slice of compliance with migration legislation and does not include verification of documents with regard to labour and tax law (such action is also possible, but other experts of our company).

The stages of provision of the service "Migration audit":

• Interview with an employee of the Customer responsible for work with foreign citizens on the implementation of company migration legislation of Ukraine.

• Expert evaluation of the documents of the employer departure of the expert to the employer.

Presenting a Report indicating the identified shortcomings and / or irregularities in submitted documents, the list of missing documents, as well as the calculation of the amount of any administrative / criminal liability of the employer regarding the violations.

• Development of recommendations for elimination of shortcomings and violations.

• Consulting support of the employer in the process of elimination of shortcomings and violations.


Guarantee the result:

  • Confidentiality Agreement not to disclose trade secrets.
  • The independent expert conclusion on the results of verification to obtain complete information on the status of documentation for each foreign citizen.
  • The calculation of the employer's risks in the case of the audit of the State migration service. Algorithms to minimize / eliminate these risks.
  • Recommendations on bringing the documents into compliance with the norms of legislation of Ukraine.
  • Consulting support of the employer in the process of elimination of defects.

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