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The State Bureau of Investigation in Kiev is located next to our office
Territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigations, located in the city of Kiev, please contact our office: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 26, 7th floor (Central entrance, door on the right). Metro station "Pechersk". t. 066-911-06-40
Non-conviction certificate - a problem with the timing?
Territorial service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are delaying the issuance of these certificates. This creates tension and dissatisfaction of citizens.
Announced the vacancy of an international lawyer's assistant
The Pechersk Office of the International Attorney for Migration, International Criminal & Family Affairs requires an attorney with knowledge in the field of company registration, analysis of judicial practice or migration consulting.
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From prison and from sumy do not promise or why i have chosen the field of "security"?



In 1991 there was still a Soviet state, but have the opportunity to create their private enterprise. In the USSR could exist only the state and collective companies, one of which led Evsyutin Nikolai (NTSBPO EO, OOO "Yuganskneftegaz - Energoneft").

16 APR 1991, Nikolai founded the first limited liability Company "Compromise", the main activities of which was wholesale and retail trade food and transportation services. In addition to the experience of establishment and management of a state enterprise in the energy sector, he has had leadership experience in 1990-m to year Novoaydar Elevator , occupying the position of chief engineer.

Thus, he has successfully applied this experience in private business. The company's assets were trucks and shopping area. The activity was carried out on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

But then there is a problem, entrepreneurs in our country do not like. And especially don't like them, law enforcement officials, accustomed to carry from the Soviet era punitive functions on behalf of the state.

If prior to 1991 the police, prosecutors, judges and KGB boys were a special caste of civil servants themselves were under the watchful and close supervision of their colleagues, after the collapse of the Union of these posts have become quite profitable. Was born the first traders and businessmen, who a few years ago was considered just criminals. And of course guard security forces considered it his duty to take away their belongings in a free market economy. However, many did not understand the nature of the new relations in society and well regarded businessmen, "shopkeepers", "huckster" and other speculators.

So, in 1995 we were faced with raider take-the police officers were arrested and the seized goods are wrongly prosecuted. This was preceded by a simple request of the local employee of the anti-corruption squad to give him a bribe in the amount of 15 million karbovanets, which he from my father was refused. The wording in the decision of the Prosecutor to search was simple: to authorize a search of the businessman whose house may be the item: food, clothing, etc. That is the reason for the search and seizure of the goods was the very existence of the house certain things and products. Yes, at that point, even the prosecutors didn't want to understand the significance of the concept of private property and that the person at home can simply be stored clothing and food in unlimited quantity and it is his right.

From that moment we were joined by our cousin, a prominent lawyer, who at the time had headed the regional qualification and disciplinary Commission of the bar and had more than 20 years of law experience. From that moment began a stage of litigation and since that time the company operated as a specialized law firm having assets and also the trade area, providing services to citizens and businesses in the field of legal assistance.

When I was 16 years old and I just realized that to confront the werewolves in uniform can only be one person. One who is independent from the Prosecutor and from the judge. One who has the authority to initiate criminal proceedings against police officers, officials of state administrations and even judges and prosecutors. And this person was an investigator. It is the investigator had such a law and were truly independent procedure face, that he could punish the guilty and close the case against the innocent. And here was an example of such a person, honest and brave, which he could confront and arrogant cops and a corrupt Prosecutor. I decided to become an investigator.

The drama of the whole situation given that the attempt to "COP the flak" in 1995 was not confined to criminal proceedings against my father and the seizure of the goods. At the time it was initiated a criminal case against me and later for my mother. In the struggle for several years, these cases were closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime. We were able to prove his innocence and has been a hard lesson of life.

In 1996, I entered the law faculty of the East Ukrainian state faculty. He studied diligently. Interned at the law firm and the Prosecutor's office. Already in the 4th year of University I fulfilled duties of the investigator himself conducted investigations and even held check on the facts of excess of the district inspector of police powers during the drawing injuries to the suspect.

After graduating in 2001, my law school a few months working as a legal adviser in the agricultural processing sector, providing legal support for the business processes of growing, harvesting, storage, transportation and realization of grain and oilseeds for export, practicing in commercial and labor law, foreign economic activity.

Faced with pervasive illegal actions of officials of state bodies in relation to business and the corruption in law enforcement, not being able to change the situation due to the inactivity of the judiciary, I have not abandoned my goal and kept trying to get to the Prosecutor.

 The decision to fight corruption, doing investigative and prosecutorial work, personally revealing "werewolves in epaulets" and bringing them to justice, was inevitable. At that time it was the only possible solution, because the independent legal profession and legal work can not compete with the indictment focused law enforcement-the judicial system.

In 2001, I decided to called up into the army, because the lack of service in the army was one of the barriers to adoption by me of the post of investigator. As a result, the year I served in the internal troops and much of the military Prosecutor's office. While I, as an ordinary soldier I had already conducted inspections on the facts of corruption actions of the officers in military units and in fact served as the assistant investigator of the military Prosecutor's office.

I constantly appealed to the Prosecutor with a desire to work with the investigator in 2002 for the demobilization of the district attorney personally offered me the position. I was very happy. After all, I accomplished my goal.

For 3 years I worked as an investigator of the district Prosecutor's office. I have personally carried out an investigation job, business, economic crime, serious against the person, as well as violations of the electoral process in the presidential elections of Ukraine in 2004, was personally initiated and investigated a criminal case against the police officers and even prosecutors (just graduated with direction to the court indictment three years 50 criminal cases, each of which dealt with fair conviction). For all time by the investigator on the territory of the district ensured the legality of actions of employees of GSBEP (state service for combating economic crimes) and the tax police in identifying their crimes, did not allow any facts of illegal attraction innocent to criminal responsibility. Opened several criminal cases against police officers and even against the prosecutors in the neighboring district.

From 2005 to 2007 in connection with excellent performance was promoted to the position of Prosecutor of Department of Prosecutor's office on supervision of observance of laws by special units and other agencies that fight organized crime (directly carried out the Prosecutor's supervision over the divisions of the organized crime control Department gumvd of UVB and HUBCAP UAS for particularly serious crimes and cases in the field of crimes committed by organized criminal groups, including in the sphere of fuel and energy complex, smuggling, trafficking, tax evasion, theft in especially large sizes officials, economic and corruption crimes). In performing its Supervisory powers gave priorities impeccable observance by the police and state security agencies of legality during the operative-search activity and preliminary investigation, to prevent corrupt action on their part, ensured the suppression of attempts of abuse of power on their part in relation to citizens and business representatives.

However, the Prosecutor's system by the time is rapidly losing its functionality and did not provide good protection of citizens and legal persons, the full establishment of the rule of law, actually covering the corruption and turned into the instrument of raider seizures of property, extortion of funds from regulated entities. In such a prosecution it was impossible to perform a protective function.

Thus, in 2007 the system of corruption is beginning to reject me. I did not understand and did not increase. The leadership needed their (hand) people in the leadership of regional Prosecutor's offices and prosecutors ' offices of the region. I realized that we are in a hostile environment and goals of the Prosecutor's office as to the approval of the law is perverted towards personal gain prosecutorial staff.

So, I took this very hard, but the only possible at that time the decision to resign from the Prosecutor's office and become a lawyer. Immediately passing the qualification test and received the right to engage an independent advocate, I continued my activities protecting citizens ' rights and legitimate interests of the business.

From 2008 to 2010 I was an arbitrator at the permanent court of arbitration "Business and law". Has dealt with disputes between citizens and companies in the field of real estate, division of property, recovery of receivables under the loan agreements, the recognition of property rights, disputes between business entities and entrepreneurs. The result of such cases were often a compromise solution that satisfies both sides of the conflict, which ensured fair and least painful outcome.

In 2009, I together with other lawyers has been created state of emergency "Law and consulting Bureau "Eusuitin, Milovanov and Partners." A website was created:

Since 2009, I also spend much time the protection of intellectual property rights, namely trade marks and industrial designs, the protection of the rights of performers and other rights holders of the music, audiovisual works and computer programs, the protection of the business in the IT field.

From 2012 to 2014 took an active part in the establishment of the system of free legal aid at the same time, combining his law practice, led the Center to provide BVP in the coordinating center for providing legal assistance under the Ministry of justice. Thanks to my action established a strong structure, which today successfully provides the poor protection and legal assistance in criminal, administrative and civil cases at the expense of state budget funds. In this case, the legal aid center under my leadership provided the work of hundreds of lawyers remunerated for services rendered from the state.

During the planned development was formed by professional staff and a defined range of reliable partners, which currently consists of the most experienced consultants, lawyers of the capital and different regions, as well as partners from foreign countries on all continents.

In 2010, opened office in the city of Kiev, which at the moment is the main.

As a result of expansion of geography of activity of the company throughout Ukraine and international level organized network of offices and foreign partners were United in a single structure under a new name: EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP, and in 2015 year, a large emphasis of the company's activities in foreign countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, China) Board of partners the decision was made to re-rebrand and change company name to ADVOCATE - CONSULTING BUREAU UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP.

Partnerships with foreign lawyers allow us to represent our clients ' interests not only in the CIS countries. The Bureau works closely with major law firms and consulting companies, Asia (Pakistan, India, China, Israel, Turkey), Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, UK), America (Mexico, USA, Canada, Panama, Belize, BVI etc.) and Australia.

Community activities: I am an expert Public Council at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Deputy head of the International Law Committee and head of the Department of Association of lawyers of Ukraine, head of the Department of Association of lawyers of Ukraine, one of the founders of the NGO "Ukrainian Association of immigration lawyers and advisers", a member of the Ukrainian anti-piracy Association for the protection of the rights to the musical, audiovisual works and computer programs, a member of the Committee for combating corruption and Vice-Chairman of the investment Committee of the NGO "people's Parliament", active participant in conferences, seminars and forums on topics of the European court of human rights, corporate law, immigration, taxation, investment and establishment of foreign companies.

BUREAU UIP has specialization in the field of business protection, private international law and the maintenance of investment activities, immigration consulting to businesses and citizens, support of foreign economic activities, to ensure judicial protection of clients.

Today UIP  is included in a single group of companies: UIP Ukraine (, with offices in Ukraine, partners of Russia and the countries located in North and South America, Europe, Africa and South Asia, providing integrated services to clients for creating and business management, management of legal Affairs abroad, migration law.

UIP occupies a leading position among the Russian law firms in the field of international protection of business and foreign investment, support immigration processes of citizens and business, legal support of export and import, is the leader in the number of offices and representatives abroad, having the opportunity to represent the interests of its clients on all continents.

UIP - professionals practicing in the field of legal support of foreign economic and trade activities, migratory processes, immigration lawyers, lawyers for criminal, family, civil and business cases related to international relations, lawyers on enforcement of foreign judgments and collecting debts from foreign companies, criminal attorneys on extradition and international search, international lawyers in corporate law and the establishment of companies in foreign jurisdictions, lawyers on international planning and investment, lawyers in the field of international tax law, lawyers in support of transactions on acquisition of real estate abroad, lawyers, accompanying foreign investment and business in Ukraine and other countries.


Residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners through the registration of marriage with the civil Ukraine.

  • Help to register a marriage for one month or 1 day (+$500)
  • Provide migration service (received a temporary residence permit).
  • Provide a place of registration (residence permit), if You don't have your property in Ukraine.

The whole package is worth $ 1,500.


Extension of temporary residence permit each year $ 500 annual registration (registration).



  • Advise you on visa to Ukraine FREE of charge (base price for the service – from $ 100).
  • Meet at the airport and provide through customs and passport control minimizing a possible ban on entry to Ukraine (without deportation) FREE (base price for the service – from $ 200).

In addition, You get a discount next services:

  • We can register for You the company through which You will be able to carry out a legal activity in Ukraine and conduct a profitable business (for $ 150 instead of $ 300)
  • We could obtain accreditation of Your company at the customs office to be eligible for trade in goods in the modes of export and import (for $ 50 instead of $ 100)
  • We can arrange for You accounting Your company that You are not deprived of the VAT certificate and did not impose on You the penalties ($50 instead of $ 100 per month)
  • We are not throwing registered for You company and continue to service and maintain personnel documentation (for $ 50 instead of $ 75)
  • We can help You to prepare foreign economic contract (for $ 50 instead of $ 100)


In addition:

We will ensure Your business is protected with the help of our law office:

We can provide You with consultations in Russian or English in Ukraine during the year one of the program: (50 percent discount on one of three programs of Your choice).

Service UIP Ukraine ( for foreigners in Ukraine:

10 years in the legal market of Ukraine for foreigners.


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Ukraine today, being in crisis, is one of the few countries where you can make the product, today for all conditions. This is a chance for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. So do products in Ukraine and sell in your own country. This favourable situation is not always the case. And we ensure the security of Your business.

Every action that makes a businessman must be consistent with the Law, even a slight deviation from the rule of law can lead to future collapse of Your business Empire and the more money You have, the more dangerous and more likely that You can pick up, depriving You not only money, but freedom.


Do not think that You will not touch it. The entire political system is built in such a way as to take the money from the free people and make them dependent.


Alexander Eusuitin, 2017

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