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Hunting of draftees on the streets
Hunting of draftees on the streets - a report on the TRK Ukraine. Comments lawyer A.N. Evsutin
CALL to Army 2018, How to get a reprieve, Lawyer

From April 01 to October 1, 2018, an appeal was announced to the Ukrainian Army.
Under the decree of the President of Ukraine will be called young people aged 20 to 27 years.
In the future, it is planned to increase the draft age to 30 years.
How to get a deferral from the service and avoid calling?

The lawyers of ACB "UIP" providing criminal defense in Chisinau
International criminal defense lawyers Law and consulting Bureau "of"United International Partnership" Alexander Evsutin and Gennady Skvortsov provide legal assistance to our client from the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic in Chisinau Moldova.
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Lukyanovka SIZO promised to repair, construction suspended


Attempts to reform the penitentiary system in Ukraine are continuing.

Nevertheless, current customers are kept in extremely difficult conditions. Many suffer from cardiovascular and other diseases. The prisoners develop chronic diseases. There is no adequate medical support. Frequent deaths among those held in SIZOs.

One of the important directions of humanization and raising the level of protection of human rights is the improvement of the conditions of detention of prisoners.

The proposed transfer of the Lukyanovka detention facility outside Kyiv to the Kiev region is now being postponed. Irpin, where the Penitentiary Service has already been allocated a land plot for these purposes, was offered as grounds for the placement of new buildings of the pre-trial detention center. Nevertheless, the state intends to do this mainly at the expense of raised funds. While funding is not found.

About 2 500 people are being kept in the Lukyanovo detention center today

In Lukyanovskoye SIZO today contains about 2,500 people, most are in charge of the pre-trial investigation bodies in Kiev and the Kiev region. I.e. People whose guilt has not yet been proven. Nevertheless, they are held in conditions much worse than those found guilty and held in correctional colonies.

It is reported that the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center began work to impr

ove the conditions of maintenance from the repair of a building of 750 square meters, built in 1989. Earlier it housed a women's building and a bathhouse, but the last four years the building was not operated. Now the repair work is being actively carried out here. So, on the second floor will be repaired 25 cameras with a total area of ​​450 square meters. m. After the repair, 110 places will appear, corresponding to modern sanitary standards: the minimum area per person will be 4 square meters. m, and sufficient sunlight will be provided.


In each cell it is planned to equip a sanitary zone (toilet and washbasin), to replace engineering networks, windows and doors. Also in each cell they plan to install an air conditioner. The building itself wants to insulate and replace the roof. On the first floor, they promise to restore the work of the bath, and also they will place the reception room. On the second - there will be offices of the chief, operative workers, a household room and a doctor's office.


According to the head of the Lukyanivka SIZO V. Bunak, repairs are carried out by the prisoners themselves, and most likely the work will be completed in the next three months. Similarly, the forces of prisoners are made of metal bunk beds, doors and fences on the windows. It is interesting that no one pays for their work.

In addition, officials rely on charity and volunteers.

After the completion of the repair work in this building, prisoners from the oldest building "Katka", which according to legend was built under Catherine II, will be transferred to it.


The insulator's guide showed the depressing condition of the cameras in this ancient building. "We will repair the cameras in Katka gradually, step by step." In general, billions of hryvnia are needed for repair work in all corps of the pre-trial prison, "Bunak said.

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