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The State Bureau of Investigation in Kiev is located next to our office
Territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigations, located in the city of Kiev, please contact our office: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 26, 7th floor (Central entrance, door on the right). Metro station "Pechersk". t. 066-911-06-40
Non-conviction certificate - a problem with the timing?
Territorial service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are delaying the issuance of these certificates. This creates tension and dissatisfaction of citizens.
Announced the vacancy of an international lawyer's assistant
The Pechersk Office of the International Attorney for Migration, International Criminal & Family Affairs requires an attorney with knowledge in the field of company registration, analysis of judicial practice or migration consulting.
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Oleg Koval's exit from prison on bail 3758 euro

Under the request of the defense, the court of the city of Saranda (Albania) decided to impose a pledge in the amount of 500 thousand Albanian lek (3758 euros) to Koval Oleg Aleksandrovich.

New Year Oleg will celebrate at large!

At the moment he is in Saranda and is awaiting the start of a trial on his case. He is limited in the ability to freely leave their country and must report to the police. The prosecutor's office and the court on demand.

The prosecutor's office completed the transfer of the case and gave it to the defense. Our attorneys carefully study the materials and prepare measures to ensure the quality protection of Oleg during the trial.

The preliminary meeting is scheduled for early January 2018.

Recall that previously the court offered to pay a deposit in the amount of 8,000 euros, which was not paid for by the defense for tactical reasons.

The Saranda court demands that you pay innocent money to Ukrainians

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