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Announced the vacancy of an international lawyer's assistant
The Pechersk Office of the International Attorney for Migration, International Criminal & Family Affairs requires an attorney with knowledge in the field of company registration, analysis of judicial practice or migration consulting.
Hunting of draftees on the streets
Hunting of draftees on the streets - a report on the TRK Ukraine. Comments lawyer A.N. Evsutin
CALL to Army 2018, How to get a reprieve, Lawyer

From April 01 to October 1, 2018, an appeal was announced to the Ukrainian Army.
Under the decree of the President of Ukraine will be called young people aged 20 to 27 years.
In the future, it is planned to increase the draft age to 30 years.
How to get a deferral from the service and avoid calling?

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Attorney at Berdyansk, criminal, military, civil, migration, international affairs

During the years of successful lawyer practice, the partners of ACB "UIP" have become many lawyers of various regions and cities, which together with one of the best lawyer teams in Ukraine in the field of business protection in criminal matters, defense in military affairs, family and civil cases related With migration processes and international law.

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