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Non-conviction certificate - a problem with the timing?
Territorial service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are delaying the issuance of these certificates. This creates tension and dissatisfaction of citizens.
Announced the vacancy of an international lawyer's assistant
The Pechersk Office of the International Attorney for Migration, International Criminal & Family Affairs requires an attorney with knowledge in the field of company registration, analysis of judicial practice or migration consulting.
Hunting of draftees on the streets
Hunting of draftees on the streets - a report on the TRK Ukraine. Comments lawyer A.N. Evsutin
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Asters. Legal support of business.

One of the most promising areas of development of cooperation between entrepreneurs of Ukraine and entrepreneurs of other countries, for example, the EU, in the field of agriculture is the supply of agricultural products.

Legal support of agrarian business in Ukraine, as well as export-import operations with agricultural products is our specialization.

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