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Справка о несудимости - проблема со сроками?
Территориальные сервисные центров МВД и Департамент информатизации МВД затягивают выдачу этих справок. Это создает напряжение и недовольство граждан.
Объявлена вакансия помощника международного адвоката
В Печерский офис международного адвоката по миграционным, международным уголовным и семейным делам требуется помощник адвоката, со знаниями в сфере регистрации компаний, анализу судебной практики или миграционному консалтингу.
Охота на призывников на улицах
Охота на призывников на улицах - репортаж на ТРК Украина. Комментарии адвоката Евсютина А.Н.
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Lugansk National Agrarian University

Lugansk national agrarian University

International activity is one of priority directions of activity of Lugansk national agrarian University.
Constantly are established and distributed by the contacts of the University with scientific-research centers, organizations, educational institutions, associations of Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Middle East.
Now, the University carries out scientific and cultural exchange with 27 foreign educational institutions of Belgium, Bulgaria, China, great Britain, Poland, the Russian Federation, the USA, Syria, Hungary. Constantly there is an exchange of teachers and students between the Lugansk national agrarian University and organizations and educational institutions of Poland, Denmark, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands. The University caters to the citizens of Russia, Algeria, Jordan, India, Iraq, Cameroon, Congo, Kenia, Libya, Nigeria, Nepal, Syria, Somalia, Maldives, Morocco, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, Tunisia.
The number of foreign students studying in LNAU, is one of the important indicators of its activity in many countries of the world. For the last years in ЛНАУ is a trend towards an increase in the number of foreign citizens, wishing to study in our University, which testifies to the attractiveness of our educational institution for foreign citizens among the other educational establishments of Ukraine.
A significant demand on the part of foreign citizens to educational services, provided by the University, the high quality of these services, which is provided by highly-qualified staff, advanced informational-didactic, material-technical base and social infrastructure, stipulates the need to obtain a license with the licensed volume of training up to 500 people.
The preparatory Department carries out preparation of foreign citizens for entrance to institutions of higher education on economic, biological, engineering and humanitarian specialties. This gives the opportunity to those, who arrive on training, choose a direction of preparation, directly connected with their subsequent special education and facilitate adaptation to the conditions of our country.
Preparation of foreign citizens for receipt in higher educational institutions in the ЛНАУ is based on the principles set forth in the governing documents of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine concerning the preparation of foreign citizens for entrance to higher educational establishments of Ukraine, in the normative-legal acts on the issues of organization and training in Ukraine specialists for foreign countries and training of foreign citizens on the basic faculties of the higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
For the full implementation of the needs and opportunities for foreign students in obtaining the chosen direction of preparation the University has a powerful base (infrastructure), which corresponds to international standards (the modern auditorium, computer classes, tutorials, information educational technologies, information and library center with Internet class, etc.).
The decision of organizational questions, the office of the organisation of educational process of foreign citizens in the University is the Department of international cooperation LNAU, the main structural unit of which is the preparatory Department, which is responsible for the training of foreign students in the direction of «Training of foreign citizens for receipt in higher educational institutions».
Preparation of foreign citizens at the preparatory Department is only the first stage of training of foreign students at the University, the main aim of which is to provide basic language training programme of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine concerning the entry of foreign citizens in the institutions of higher education of Ukraine.
The main educational discipline in preparation for UNIVERSITY entrance is Ukrainian (russian) as a foreign language. On the basis of this discipline is the study of the natural Sciences (mathematics, physics, Informatics, chemistry, biology ) and Humanities ( history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian language).
After successful completion of the training programme of the preparatory Department the foreign citizens receive a certificate of established MONA model, which gives the opportunity for further training in accredited directions (specialities )in Lugansk national agrarian University or in any higher educational institution of Ukraine. To meet the needs of Lugansk national agrarian University in applicants with a high level of secondary education and taking into account long-term experience of granting of educational services in the system of training of foreign citizens is considered to be expedient to obtain a license for the preparation of foreign citizens for entrance to higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

2. General characteristic of the UNIVERSITY
Lugansk national agrarian University was founded in 1921 for the preparation of highly qualified specialists-полеводов for complex soil-climatic conditions of Eastern part of Ukraine - the region of Donbass.
In the period 1930-1940 a team of employees worked on the creation in the East of Ukraine's own food base and an educational institution became a commercial centre for the training of specialists for Donbass.
On the basis of the University was created educational-research-and-production complex, which in addition the University has 8 educational institutions And II levels of accreditation, 4 scientific-research establishments of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, serving the agroindustrial complex of Donbass, as well as information and consulting centers, which have made a significant contribution to the implementation of reforms in rural areas.
For successful training of highly qualified staff of agricultural production of the University on the occasion of the 50-anniversary from the day of the formation, in 1971 he was awarded with the Honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2001 has received the diploma of the international „European quality”. In the same year, the University also became a laureate of the international academic rating of popularity and quality „Golden fortune”. In 2005, according to the results of rating entered into the five of the best of agrarian educational establishments of Ukraine and was awarded the Diploma of the laureate.
The decree of the President of Ukraine for national and international recognition of the results of activities and significant contribution to the development of the national education and science in 2002, the University was granted the honorary status of „national”. For all time of existence in the LNAUprepared more than 60 thousand specialists, among which the well-known scientists, organizers and production engineers of agricultural production, public figures, many of which are marked with government awards. In 2007, the University became the winner of the rating «the Leader of the agro-industrial complex - 2007». At the XI international exhibition of educational establishments «Modern education in Ukraine - 2008» Lugansk national agrarian University was awarded the honorary title «Leader of modern education». Taking part in the XX International agro-industrial exhibition-fair «agro-2008», ЛНАУ gained the Golden medal in the nomination «For high results in the sphere of agrarian education». According to the results of the work of expositions at the exhibition «agro-2009» Luhansk national agrarian University was awarded the Golden medal in the nomination «Innovative developments in the field of agricultural science and use of their results in the educational process», silver medal «For high results in the field of agricultural education» and a bronze medal in the category of «highly Efficient information support of the agroindustrial complex». The University was awarded the honorary title «Leader of the agroindustrial complex - 2009». According to the results of the all-Ukrainian competition «Hostel - our house» ЛНАУ the winner in the nomination «For the creation of conditions conducive to the development of a creative personality». These achievements allow us to consider ЛНАУ one of the best agrarian higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
Today LNAU is among the top three agricultural universities of Ukraine.
At the University a significant place in the implementation of the system of education takes work among the student youth; the pivotal role of the student self-government, which operates in the form of student Dean's offices of the faculties and student councils in hostels. In LNAU has worked for many years the Student Council. Students regularly participate in meetings, boards, forums on issues of student self-government.



Euro-Line LLC is an enterprise specialized in the concern «EMP» (European International Partnership), which has been professionally engaged in issues of maintenance of foreign students in Ukraine.
We have been working as local specialists, or foreigners, who know the specifics and the mentality of the various peoples.
Ukrainian employees have higher legal education, and some are even immigration lawyers, having all license. This gives guarantees for foreigners,


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