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Иммиграция в Украину - наша специализация
Адвокатско-консалтинговое бюро "ЕМП" представляет адвокатскую помощь по сопровождению миграции в Украину и иммиграционным делам особой сложности на территории Украины и за рубежом, по делам об экстрадиции в Украину и из Украины, по вопросам миграции из Украины и в Украину, по спорам с государственными органами.
ВЕСЕННИЙ ПРИЗЫВ 2018. Как получить отсрочку. Адвокат

С 1 апереля 2018 года начинается призыв в украинскую армию.

Согласно Указа Президента Украины будут призваны молодые люди в возрасте от 20 до 27 лет.

В дальнейшем планируют увеличить призывной возраст до 30 лет.

Как получить отсрочку от службы и избежать призыва? 

Справедливость торжествует! Дело Коваля закрыто
Дело против гражданина Украины Коваля Олега было просто закрыто, и все обвинения были сняты! Справедливость победила!
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Консультация по телефону:  +38 (050) 777-03-81 (Vodafone), +38 (096) 444-63-04 (KievStar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (LifeCell)

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Round table at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

24 July 2013 at the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine held a Round table organized by the Advocate - consulting office "EMP" jointly with the Committee on European integration of Ukraine and cooperation with the countries of the European Union of the Public Council at the Ukrainian foreign Ministry to Discuss the course of judicial reform in the human dimension: the provision of free legal assistance".
This is the first round table of a series of roundtables to discuss the theme «Integration of Ukrainian legislation with the legal system of the European Union».
The event was attended by specialists in the field of law, representative of the high specialized court of Ukraine, judges of district courts of Kyiv, public figures, television and Newspapers, representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, heads of the Ministry of internal Affairs, head of the Ministry of Justice, and representatives of the relevant Committees of the Parliament (the Supreme Council of Ukraine).
This round table is intended to promote the legal education and adaptation of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons residing in Ukraine, after the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union to the norms of European law.
The moderator, expert and one of the speakers on the first section of the round table was Alexander Evsyutin, who told all those present about created in Ukraine the system of legal assistance guaranteed by the state, its peculiarities.
During the event, the first subject was discussed: «the EUROPEAN PRACTICE of FREE SECONDARY CARE IN UKRAINE AND NEW EXPECTATIONS». Moderator: Evsiutin Alexandr Nikolaevich, acting Director of Lugansk regional centre for the provision of free secondary legal aid, head of the Luhansk branch of the NGO "Association of lawyers of Ukraine", head of the Luhansk branch of the NGO "Association of lawyers of Ukraine", Director of the Advocates ' - consulting office "EMP", head of the Supervisory Board of LLC «European International
Partnership», lawyer

In the second section, titled «ENSURING THE RIGHT to defence THROUGH the FREE ASSISTANCE IN the CONTEXT of PREPARATION FOR SIGNING the ASSOCIATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN UKRAINE AND the EUROPEAN UNION» moderator was Трайно Tatiana - partner of the Kiev office of the Attorney-consulting Bureau «EMP», the arbiter of the European Arbitration chamber, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
The speakers in this section were: Kondratyuk Vitaly - head of the public reception of the International Committee on protection of human rights, Andrusenko Larisa Mikhailovna - the Chairman of Board of Public organization «all-Ukrainian Association «WOMEN of INFLUENCE».
In his speech, MD. Момinul Hok - associate Professor of the Open international University of human development "Ukraine", the expert Committee of the Public Council under the foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Vice-President of the International diplomatic mission of the people's diplomacy «European Ukraine», raised the issue of restrictions of foreign citizens in their rights to legal assistance as a paid or free of charge difficulties in obtaining visas to Ukraine and on crossing the state border.
He said that the Ukrainian state does not fulfill its obligations to provide international agreements in the part of the freedom of movement and the protection of individuals requiring such protection as well as refugees, their rights are violated regularly.
During the round table the question was raised if there are any problems with obtaining visas to Ukraine for the good citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and several other countries who wish to come to Ukraine for business or for training in higher educational institutions.
Even the businessmen from these countries, which to freely visit Britain, the USA and EU countries, due to the bureaucracy of the Ukrainian authorities cannot visit our country with the business purpose or for tourism, they are actually deprived of the right to any legal assistance from the Ukrainian authorities, including free.
According to the results of the above discussion it was decided in the near future, with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine specialized roundtable on discussion of problems of immigrants in Ukraine, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Embassies in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, the State border guard service of Ukraine, the State migration service of Ukraine, security Service of Ukraine and Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, representatives of European institutions for the protection of human rights.

Euro-Line LLC is an enterprise specialized in the concern "European International Partnership", which has been professionally engaged in issues of maintenance of foreign students in Ukraine.
We have been working as local specialists, or foreigners, who know the specifics and the mentality of the various peoples.
Ukrainian employees have higher legal education, and some are even immigration lawyers, having all license. This gives guarantees for foreigners, secured by the authority of advocacy of Ukraine and government agencies.

Learning is possible, in English and Russian languages, it is possible release on for the first course (English) or on the preparatory course (teaching of the Russian language).


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