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Объявлена вакансия помощника международного адвоката
В Печерский офис международного адвоката по миграционным, международным уголовным и семейным делам требуется помощник адвоката, со знаниями в сфере регистрации компаний, анализу судебной практики или миграционному консалтингу.
Охота на призывников на улицах
Охота на призывников на улицах - репортаж на ТРК Украина. Комментарии адвоката Евсютина А.Н.
ПРИЗЫВ в Армию 2018. Как получить отсрочку. Адвокат

С 01 апереля и 01 октября 2018 года объявлен призыв в украинскую армию.

Согласно Указа Президента Украины будут призваны молодые люди в возрасте от 20 до 27 лет.

В дальнейшем планируют увеличить призывной возраст до 30 лет.

Как получить отсрочку от службы и избежать призыва? 

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+38 (044) 333-91-06 , +38 (066) 911-06-40 (vodafone), +38 (068) 911-06-40 (kievstar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (lifecell) , Viber, e-mail: info@donadvocat.com




Features of admittance and study of foreigners and persons without citizenship in the «kiev medical University»

State institution «Kiev medical University» declares reception on training of specialists with higher education with educational-qualificational levels, directions of preparation (specialities) in accordance with the license within the licensed volume, which are listed in Annex 1. Volumes of the state order for preparation of experts in the State institution «Luhansk state medical University» will be provided after the approval of the volumes of the state order the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

To the University are adopted by citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, and also persons without citizenship, who live on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds, have the proper education (educational qualification) level and expressed their desire to receive a higher education, in accordance with the license of Ministry of education and science (series HELL No. 041179, from 15.06.2012 str., the license is valid until 01.07.2017 g.), within the limits of the licensed volume. Foreigners and persons without citizenship who permanently reside in Ukraine, and also granted the status of a refugee in Ukraine, are taken to the University in the order, established for citizens of Ukraine. Welcome to the State institution «Luhansk state medical University» on all educational-qualifying levels is carried out by competition irrespective of the sources of financing.

For applicants who need a settlement in a hostel at the time of entry in the medical University, is available for 100 seats. Most of the dormitories are located on the territory of the University have buffets, access to a network the Internet.

Preparation of foreign citizens and stateless persons is carried out according to the Law of Ukraine “On legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship” (with amendments), Decrees of the President of Ukraine of March 25, 1994 № 112 “On measures on development of economic cooperation of areas of Ukraine with adjacent border areas of the Russian Federation” and from June 15, 1994 № 271 “About measures on development of economic cooperation of areas of Ukraine with adjacent areas of the Republic of Belarus and administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Moldova”, decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 26, 1993, № 136 “About education of foreign citizens in Ukraine” (with changes) and from 05 August 1998, № 1238 “On approval of the Regulations on the admission of foreigners and persons without citizenship for training in higher educational institutions”. Foreigners, who are granted state scholarships to international agreements, national programs, other international obligations of Ukraine, are accepted on training on the basis of the directions of the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports within the volume of the state order.

Foreign Ukrainians, who were referred for training of Ukrainian national-cultural societies, at receipt in higher educational institutions of Ukraine enjoy the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, including in case of admission to the training on a state order. They take part in a competition on enrolment on the same basis as citizens of Ukraine.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship, which are in Ukraine on legal grounds, have the right to receive higher education, except the right to receive higher education at the expense of the State budget of Ukraine, local budgets, unless otherwise established by international treaties, consent to be bound by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Foreigners, who have a secondary education in foreign schools with study of the Ukrainian language, and foreign Ukrainians are accepted up to the State institution «Luhansk state medical University» on interview with the items stipulated by the rules of reception in the state institution «Luhansk state medical University» for admission to the direction of training (specialty), within the established quota on the recommendations of the national culture of Ukrainian companies or diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad.
Foreign citizens submit their documents in Russian or English languages:

- personal questionnaire of the established sample;
- the original and a notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian language of the document of education with the list of studied subjects and received on them at examinations of estimations (points);
- medical certificate, which confirms the absence of HIV-infection, envisaged by the relevant agreement between Ukraine and other States, or a certificate of the medical-preventive institutions of the medical examination for HIV infection;
- medical certificate about state of health, confirming the possibility of studying in a climate of Ukraine in medical institutions, certified by the the official health protection body of the country in which the candidate lives to study;
- medical certificate of the carried out vaccination against communicable diseases;
- insurance policy for the provision of emergency medical care (served personally upon arrival to the State institution «Luhansk state medical University»);
- copy of birth, certified by a notary;
- 6 color photos, size 6 x 4 cm;
- valid national passport (must be submitted in person);
- academic certificate for the students, who came to the II-VI courses from other institutions of higher education.

In the absence of a full set of documents specified in п.19.5 of these Regulations for foreign citizens, as well as if there are errors or corrections to them the documents are not accepted by the selection Committee and to participate in the competitive selection is not allowed.

Entrance examinations for foreign citizens are held in 01.11.2013, in the form of an interview on a speciality "General medicine", "Pediatrics", "stomatology", "pharmacy" (day form) - on the biology and chemistry.


Set and the beginning of registration of documents begins with 01.05.

For the possibility of this year it is necessary to address to us for the preparation of the necessary documents and letter of invitation from the Ministry of education of Ukraine, as well as the receipt of visa (especially for citizens of Pakistan, India, Nigeria).

Legal support for implementing the Department of international consulting Advocate - consulting bureau «EIP» - this is the pledge of success.

Full support on arrival at the airport (Kiev - Boryspil, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkiv), assistance to the city of destination, accommodation in a dormitory or apartment, further care.


Euro-Line LLC is an enterprise specialized in the concern «EIP» (European International Partnership), which has been professionally engaged in issues of maintenance of foreign students in Ukraine.
We have been working as local specialists, or foreigners, who know the specifics and the mentality of the various peoples.
Ukrainian employees have higher legal education, and some are even immigration lawyers, having all license. This gives guarantees for foreigners, secured by the authority of advocacy of Ukraine and government agencies.

We are engaged in the accompaniment of education in Ukraine, foreign students, as well as support for the immigration of foreign citizens in Ukraine (invitations, visas, meetings, accommodation, investments in the economy, employment in Ukraine, residence and so on).
If You are ready to come to Ukraine for study, business and residence, you can apply to us for cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.

Ukraine is a country, which is located in the geographical centre of Europe, the most quiet and comfortable, it is not an expensive place to work, live and study.




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