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Адвокат Евсютин А.Н. о вопросах проблемной недвижимости на радио "Вести"

О недвижимости, юрист по недвижимости, юрист о недвижимости, как выбрать недвижимость, покупка недвижимости, адвокат по недвижимости. Купить недвижимость в Киеве правильно.

Иммиграция в Украину - наша специализация
Адвокатско-консалтинговое бюро "ЕМП" представляет адвокатскую помощь по сопровождению миграции в Украину и иммиграционным делам особой сложности на территории Украины и за рубежом, по делам об экстрадиции в Украину и из Украины, по вопросам миграции из Украины и в Украину, по спорам с государственными органами.
ВЕСЕННИЙ ПРИЗЫВ 2018. Как получить отсрочку. Адвокат

С 1 апереля 2018 года начинается призыв в украинскую армию.

Согласно Указа Президента Украины будут призваны молодые люди в возрасте от 20 до 27 лет.

В дальнейшем планируют увеличить призывной возраст до 30 лет.

Как получить отсрочку от службы и избежать призыва? 

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Консультация по телефону:  +38 (050) 777-03-81 (Vodafone), +38 (096) 444-63-04 (KievStar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (LifeCell)

Письменная консультация: info@donadvocat.com


Study in Ukraine. Иностранцы доверяют ВУЗам Украины

Foreigners trust in the Institutions of higher education of Ukraine

According to the Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of the Ukrainian Universities are leaders in attracting foreign students in Ukraine on study.

Of the 195 universities, accepting foreign students in the 2010-2011 academic year, most foreigners to study in such universities:

• Kiev medical University,
• Donetsk national medical University,
• National technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»,
• National aviation University,
• The Vinnitsa national medical University,
• National medical University (Kyiv),
• The Zaporozhye medical University,
• The Odessa medical University.

As can be seen from 9 Ukrainian institutions of higher education to attract foreign students, 7 - UNIVERSITIES of medical purpose and the first of them is located in Lugansk city, one technical and one - aviation University. And on the status of all of the top universities are universities, when it is dominated by far not the capital's universities among the universities of the leaders on the attraction of foreign students are widely represented Kiev regions, followed by a considerable margin goes South (Odessa, Zaporozhye).

In the 2010-2011 academic year, foreigners have received an education in Ukraine in 195 higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The directions were very different, but mostly foreigners prefer to health, as well as engineering and technical specialties.

When choosing a higher educational establishments of Ukraine of foreigners attracted by the possibility to get qualitative education of a higher level, competitive on the international labour market for lower pay, compared with the other countries of Europe and America.

The majority of Ukrainian educational institutions have a special preparatory courses for foreigners. Throughout the year they study Russian or Ukrainian language, as well as the profile disciplines. The cost of training courses - from 1,5 to 3 thousand dollars. After completion of the preparatory Department, a foreign student can enter in any Institute of higher education of Ukraine, regardless of which institution he passed a preparatory course. It is also possible undergo training in the English language, with the end of подфака is not required.
The most successful are the UNIVERSITIES of the city. Lugansk, as this city and its population provides an opportunity to foreigners learn how Ukrainian, and Russian language, and education, which is provided for in this regional center is one of the best in Europe that has preserved its historical and cultural roots, professors and teaching staff, competitive not only in Ukraine and countries of the post-Soviet region, but also in Europe and America.

Our Office is actively helping foreigners the right choice of University and in the future legally accompanies our students in the Ukraine, ensuring the observance of their rights and freedoms.

Euro-Line LLC is an enterprise specialized in the concern «EMP» (European International Partnership), which has been professionally engaged in issues of maintenance of foreign students in Ukraine.
We have been working as local specialists, or foreigners, who know the specifics and the mentality of the various peoples.
Ukrainian employees have higher legal education, and some are even immigration lawyers, having all license. This gives guarantees for foreigners, secured by the authority of advocacy of Ukraine and government agencies.

Legal support for implementing the Department of international consulting Advocate - consulting bureau «EMP» - this is the pledge of success.

Full support on arrival at the airport (Kiev - Boryspil, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkiv), assistance to the city of destination, accommodation in a dormitory or apartment, further care.


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