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Our new office is located on 44 Khreschatyk Street (next to the anti-corruption court)
Now we are responding even faster to illegal actions by the special prosecutor's office and the NABU, and we can appeal their actions to the court in 20 minutes
Victory in the administrative court, decided to return 77,000
Victory in the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court, it was decided to return money, which were illegally recovered from a military official
The State Bureau of Investigation in Kiev is located next to our office
Territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigations, located in the city of Kiev, please contact our office: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 26, 7th floor (Central entrance, door on the right). Metro station "Pechersk". t. 066-911-06-40
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Иммиграция в страны Европейского союза, Мексику, Канаду, США, Австралию / MIGRATION CONSULTING (study, work, life) / Articles

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 911 Kiev: +38 (066) 911-06-40 (vodafone), +38 (068) 911-06-40 (kievstar), +38 (063) 911-06-40 (lifecell and Viber)




Рабочие по транспортировке грузов. Погрузочно разгрузочные работы.

Gruz10 рабочих мест (осталось 7 вакансий). Начало приема заявок 23 августа. Стартовая оплата от 18 до 23 $ в час (в зависимости от опыта и квалификации). Опыт управления погрузочно разгрузочной техникой. Рабочий контракт на два года. Полная оплата перелета в Канаду и обратно в страну проживания.

Требования. Возраст 25 лет и старше. Обязательный стаж работы по специальности  больше 2-х лет, елементарное владение разговорным английским языком обязательно.

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UIP group it is:
Support of immigration for study, work and life
Protection in all government and law enforcement agencies
International consulting for Eastern and Western  Europe, South Asia, America, Africa 
The representation of foreigners in universities, immigration, border and customs services, embassies

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