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Our new office is located on 44 Khreschatyk Street (next to the anti-corruption court)
Now we are responding even faster to illegal actions by the special prosecutor's office and the NABU, and we can appeal their actions to the court in 20 minutes
Victory in the administrative court, decided to return 77,000
Victory in the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court, it was decided to return money, which were illegally recovered from a military official
The State Bureau of Investigation in Kiev is located next to our office
Territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigations, located in the city of Kiev, please contact our office: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 26, 7th floor (Central entrance, door on the right). Metro station "Pechersk". t. 066-911-06-40
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Litigation with the tax authorities have their own distinct characteristics. The handling of such cases requires special knowledge lawyer not only General procedural and substantive law and rules governing the legal relationship between fiscal authorities and payers of taxes and fees.

Recently in the practice of administrative courts has a new category of cases. Taxpayers petition to the State tax inspection (STI) on the recognition of their wrongful actions, namely in the statement in the inspection report different conclusions (about bestavros and nullity (invalidity) of financial and economic transactions between the plaintiff and its contractors; the recognition of the illegal actions of the STI, which are set out in the inspection report of the findings of overstatement (understatement) tax liabilities (tax credit), etc.

Naturally such active steps taxpayers are not perceived tax inspections adequately. Representatives of the STI is also actively oppose the satisfaction of claims and have in this direction is already well established mechanisms of resistance.

So, in addition to the substantive objections to the merits of the claim, tax authorities often declare motion to close the proceedings with those grounds that inspection acts are not individual legal act, does not violate the rights and interests of the taxpayer, does not give rise to the plaintiff's legal consequences, and therefore the case should not be considered in administrative proceedings. Our staff have developed tactics to counter such attempts and can help You solve existing problems.


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