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Victory in the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court, it was decided to return money, which were illegally recovered from a military official
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THE AGREEMENT on legal assistance (services of attorney)

The Agreement (the Agreement) is a public offer

The Agreement (the Agreement) is a public offer in accordance with Art. 633, 641, 642 of chapter 53 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is the equivalent of an "oral agreement", and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine has proper legal force.

The provisions of this agreement are effective if the parties did not enter into a written agreement (contract, agreement) when they paid for legal aid services before starting the service.

The parties that actually entered into the legal relationship give their consent to the fact that they completely agree with the conditions indicated below.

THE AGREEMENT on legal assistance (services of attorney)

Kiev city                                                                                                                                                               "____"_______201__

Attorneys Association INTERREGIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION OF DONBASS, represented by a lawyer ____________, acting on the basis of certificate of right to advocacy № ____ dated ____________ year, hereinafter referred to as "Lawyer" on the one hand, and ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as "Client", on the other hand, have concluded the present agreement as follows:


1.1. The client instructs and the Lawyer assumes the duty to provide legal services for legal review of Client documents, analysis of its compliance with applicable laws and representation of Client's interests in his case.


2.1. The lawyer shall commence its duties from the moment of signing of this agreement.

2.2. The lawyer shall render the following legal services (if necessary) regarding the subject matter of the contract: provide advice and clarifications on legal issues; represent the interests of the state (law enforcement) bodies out on the spot inspection or the state Agency.

2.2.1. Bar service specified in subclause "d" p.2.2. Contract may preporuciti assistants attorney and lawyers – partners, which may not be construed as evasion of a Lawyer to comply with the terms of this Agreement. The lawyer has the right under this Treaty to grant powers of attorney on representation of interests of Client, his assistants and employees "Attorneys Association INTERREGIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION OF DONBASS"," but the results of such power of attorney is not mandatory in the presence of these persons of the relevant certificates.

2.2.2. The signing of the act of acceptance and transfer work, supporting their implementation under this Agreement is not mandatory.

2.2.3. The lawyer shall provide the Client with complete information regarding performance of obligations under this Agreement.

2.2.4. The client is obliged to pay for legal Counsel in accordance with section 4 Hereof.

2.2.5. The client is obliged to provide the Lawyer full information and documents in required number of copies.

3. PRIVACY policy

3.1. The information obtained by the Parties in connection with the execution of This Agreement is confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties without prior consent from authorized officials of the Parties.

3.2. This restriction does not apply to information:

■ to be communicated in accordance with applicable law;

■ well-known at the time of the transfer, including published or made known to an unlimited number of persons without violation of This Agreement and the guilt of the Parties and their employees;

■ already known to the other Party or become known in the course of implementing any project during the period of negotiations without breach of This Agreement.

3.3. Each of the Parties undertakes to use the confidential information solely in the framework of the provision of services under this Agreement and to grant access thereto only to those directly involved in the relevant works. The parties undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure that their employees, consultants, other involved contractors keep confidential certain information above, as well as to protect it from loss or destruction.

3.4. In the cases provided by law, materials containing confidential information, may be provided to regulatory and law enforcement agencies on the basis of the decision of the relevant competent authority in accordance with the law.

3.5. All documents transferred to the lawyer at the time of execution of attorneys ' fees are the attorney. To transfer documents can be drawn up act of transfer and acceptance, but it is not mandatory (in the latter case, the Customer is responsible for the safety of documents). Under part 1 article 10 of the law of Ukraine "On advocacy", the documents related to the execution of the order to counsel, are not subject to inspection, disclosure or seizure without his consent.


4.1. The cost of legal Counsel provided in the framework of the implementation of this Agreement is determined by agreement of the parties.

4.2. Payment is made by Bank transfer to the account of a Lawyer or in cash before the commencement of the services (prepaid).

4.3. The costs of the proceedings are paid by the Customer additionally.


5.1. The customer is responsible for timeliness, completeness, accuracy and content of information provided to the Lawyer.

5.2. The lawyer in the presence of his guilt is responsible for the quality of services provided to the Client in accordance with applicable law.

5.3. The lawyer is not responsible for the consequences associated with submission of Client information and documents not corresponding to reality.

5.4. The parties are relieved from responsibility for default or inadequate execution of obligations under the contract in case of force majeure. Force majeure (except fixed by law) for a Lawyer to be the actions of the state bodies and services, local authorities, changing existing legislation affecting the interests of the Client.


6.1. Either party may unilaterally terminate this Agreement by notifying the other Party in writing within 14 days. Payment referred to in clause 4 of the contract is not refundable.

6.2. The parties undertake disagreements be resolved through negotiations. If not settled by the parties of a disagreement, the dispute between them is resolved in court.

6.3. In the absence of the need to provide legal services during the term of this agreement and not the address of the Client to the lawyer, the fee specified in clause 4 of the contract is not refundable.

6.4. This Agreement may be amended, supplemented, extended, on the basis of the additional written agreement of the parties.

6.5. In cases not stipulated in this Agreement shall be governed by applicable law.

6.6. This Agreement is made in 2 copies having equal legal force.


7.1. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of its signing by the parties and is valid until fulfillment of obligations by the Parties.

The Client _________________ (____________________)

The Lawyer _________________ (_____________________)

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