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The Economic Security Bureau was headed by the head of the State Fiscal Service

The Economic Security Bureau was headed by the head of the State Fiscal Service Vadim Melnik.
Earlier, Melnik served in the tax police for more than 14 years.

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Victory in the administrative court, decided to return 77,000
Victory in the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court, it was decided to return money, which were illegally recovered from a military official
If you are detained by law
If you are detained by law enforcement officers on suspicion of committing a crime, you have the right to a defense, you can carry out it yourself or with the help of a lawyer.
Lawyer Alexander Yevsiutin discussed issues of migration processes on the New Channel in the television show "the Rise"
Lawyer Alexander Yevsiutin discussed issues of migration processes on the New Channel in the television show "the Rise"
The lawyers providing criminal defense in Chisinau
International criminal defense lawyers Law and consulting Bureau "of"United International Partnership" Alexander Evsutin and Gennady Skvortsov provide legal assistance to our client from the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic in Chisinau Moldova.
The highest specialized court upheld the verdict. The client remained at large.

The Supreme Special Court upheld the verdict and the decision of the Kyiv City Court of Appeal, which imposed a delay in the execution of the sentence (conditional sentence).

The convict remained at large.

Justice triumphs! The case of Koval is closed
The case against the citizen of Ukraine Koval Oleg was simply closed, and all charges were dropped! Justice won!
Our lawyers secured the abolition of the ban on the presence of a Ukrainian in Albania and transferred the criminal case to a trial in absentia

Our lawyers secured the abolition of the ban on the presence of a Ukrainian in Albania and transferred the criminal case to a trial in absentia.

The OSCE special monitoring mission opened in the center of Lugansk a permanent office
The OSCE special monitoring mission opened in the center of Lugansk a permanent office
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Alexander Evsuitin (way of formation)

Alexander EVSUTIN (way of formation)

The fight for justice

In 1995-1998, Alexander Evsutin was able to personally protect himself and his family members from illegal accusations of corrupt police officers, proved the case and achieved fair decisions. As a result, 4 trumped-up criminal cases were discontinued and the charges dropped. More on this ...

Being a witness and an active participant in such events, Alexander decided to become a lawyer and protect people from police brutality and in 1996 entered the law faculty of the State University.

At that moment, the most weighty and effective in terms of prompt and effective protection of violated rights of business and citizens from corrupt police officers (police), prosecutors, judges and officials at other levels, regardless of their position and status, was the position and position of the procedurally independent investigator of the prosecutor's office . Only an investigator and only investigator of prosecutors could decide to initiate a criminal case against any official who exceeded his authority or abused them, conduct an investigation and restore the violated rights of any citizen and achieve fair punishment for the "werewolf in shoulder straps." Therefore, choosing between the profession of a lawyer or an investigator of the prosecutor's office, of course, the latter was a priority.

In 1998 and 2000, while studying at the Faculty of Law, he undertook an internship as an assistant attorney, V.D.Milovanov. (the chairman of the regional Qualification-Disciplinary Commission of the Bar) and the investigator of the prosecutor's office of the Novoaydarsky district, independently conducting investigations (at that time the position of the investigator in this area was vacant and the student Evsutin fully performed the functions of an investigator).

Legal adviser

In 2001, Alexander Nikolaevich Evsutin began his career as a legal advisor to a large agricultural processing complex "AgroTon" and providing legal support for business processes for growing, collecting, storing, transporting and selling grain and oil crops for export, practicing in economic and labor law and foreign economic activities.

However, faced with the total illegal actions of state officials in relation to business and corruption in law enforcement agencies, unable to change the situation due to inactivity of judicial institutions, decided to fight these phenomena, doing investigative and prosecutorial work, personally identifying "werewolves in shoulder straps "and bringing them to criminal liability. At that time, it was the only possible solution, because the bar and independent legal activities could not stand competition with the accusatory-oriented law-and-justice system.


2001 - 2002 - service in the Army under the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Lugansk garrison, the duties of the assistant to the senior investigator and the assistant to the military prosecutor.

From the end of 2002, he held the post of investigator of the prosecutor's office of the Novoaydarsky district for three years, personally carried out an investigation of official, economic, economic crimes, serious against the person, as well as in cases of violations during the election process in the 2004 presidential elections in Ukraine, personally initiated and investigated criminal cases against militia officers and even prosecutors (he graduated from the whole with the sending to court with an indictment for three years, 50 criminal cases, each of which was justly convicted itelny sentence). During the whole period of his work as an investigator on the controlled territory of the district, he ensured the lawfulness of the actions of the employees of the State Security Service (State Service for Combating Economic Crimes) and the tax police when they detected crimes, and did not allow a single fact of unlawfully bringing the innocent to criminal liability.

From 2005 to 2007 in connection with excellent performance was promoted to the position of Prosecutor of Department of Prosecutor's office on supervision of observance of laws by special units and other agencies that fight organized crime (directly carried out the Prosecutor's supervision over the divisions of the organized crime control Department for particularly serious crimes and cases in the field of crimes committed by organized criminal groups, including in the sphere of fuel and energy complex, smuggling, trafficking, tax evasion, theft in especially large sizes officials, economic and corruption crimes). In performing its Supervisory powers gave priorities impeccable observance by the police and state security agencies of legality during the operative-search activity and preliminary investigation, to prevent corrupt action on their part, ensured the suppression of attempts of abuse of power on their part in relation to citizens and business representatives. However, the Prosecutor's system by the time is rapidly losing its functionality and did not provide good protection of citizens and legal persons, the full establishment of the rule of law, actually covering the corruption and turned into the instrument of raider seizures of property, extortion of funds from regulated entities. In such a prosecution it was impossible to perform a protective function.

Lawyer (attorneycounseladvocatebarrister)

Thus, in 2007 Mr. A.N.Evsutin decided to resign from the prosecution at his own request and become a lawyer.

On December 20, 2007, having passed the qualifying exam "perfectly", Alexander Nikolaevich obtained the right to engage in independent advocacy.

After that, he continued his work to protect the rights of citizens and businesses already in the status of a lawyer.


From 2008 to 2010 he was an arbitrator at the permanent court of arbitration "Business and law". Has dealt with disputes between citizens and companies in the field of real estate, division of property, recovery of receivables under the loan agreements, the recognition of property rights, disputes between business entities and entrepreneurs. The result of such cases were often a compromise solution that satisfies both sides of the conflict, which ensured fair and least painful outcome.


Since 2009 Mr. Evsutin devotes much time to the protection of intellectual property rights, namely trade marks and industrial designs, the protection of the rights of performers and other rights holders of the music, audiovisual works and computer programs, the protection of the business in the IT field.


In the period from 2009 to 2011, Alexander Evsutin founded his law office and opened several offices in Ukraine.

In 2011 Aleksandr Nikolayevich was first elected head of the regional branch of the NGO “Ukrainian association of advocates”, and in 2012 he also headed the regional branch of the NGO “Ukrainian Bar Association”.

In 2012, already 4 offices actively provided legal assistance in various areas of law. The main office was in Lugansk, additional offices were located in Donetsk and Lysychansk and Kiev.

Relations with partners were established in each region of Ukraine, as well as in major Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov on Don.

Work was actively carried out to establish international relations with partner lawyers in Canada, the EU countries, the USA, Mexico, India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and others.



From 2012 to 2014 he took an active part in the development of a system of free legal assistance, while combining his law practice, he directed the regional center for the provision of free secondary legal aid in the Legal Aid Coordination Center under the Ministry of Justice.

Thanks to his actions, a strong structure was created, which today successfully provides poor citizens with protection and legal assistance in criminal, administrative and civil matters at the expense of state budget funds.

At the same time, the Center for Legal Aid under the leadership of Alexander Nikolayevich secured the work of hundreds of lawyers receiving payment for services provided from the state.

Internal migration

In connection with the events of 2014 in the Donbas, the main law office was moved to the city of Kiev, where it is currently located.

Today, Law Firm "A.Evsutin and Partners" provides legal assistance on immigration to Ukraine and from Ukraine, protection of foreigners in Ukraine from illegal actions by state bodies, support of foreign investments and foreign economic activities of Ukrainian and foreign companies that are engaged in import and export trading operations.

Thus, the Mission of our company was formed: ensuring freedom of movement and legal security for our Clients.

Community activities: 

  • From 2012 to the present - the head of the regional branch of the Association of Advocates of Ukraine.
  • From 2016 to the present, deputy head of the International Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association.
  • In 2014-2017 he was an expert of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  • From 2011 to 20017 was the head of the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.
  • Since 2011 is co-founder of the Public Organization "All-Ukrainian Association of Immigration Lawyers and Consultants".
  • In 2009 - 2011 - a member of the Ukrainian anti-piracy association for the protection of rights to music, audiovisual works and computer programs.
  • 2010 - Member of the Committee on Combating Corruption and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Investments of the NGO "Narodnaya Rada".
  • Constantly - is an active participant in conferences, seminars and forums on the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, corporate law, immigration, taxation, investment and the creation of foreign companies.
  • Takes part as an expert in various television projects on regional, all-Ukrainian and international television channels.

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