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Oleg Koval's exit from prison on bail 3758 euro
Under the request of the defense, the court of the city of Saranda (Albania) decided to impose a pledge in the amount of 3758 euros to Koval Oleg Aleksandrovich. New Year Oleg will celebrate at large!
On the Day of the Lawyer and St. Nicholas Day!!!

On the night of December 18-19, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker comes to the house and leaves gifts for the children. Day of Advocacy is also celebrated in Ukraine on December 19.

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv chose house arrest for the suspects under article 191 part 5 of the criminal code of Ukraine

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv chose house arrest for our client. who is suspected of committing embezzlement of funds in especially large sizes in a group of officials who occupy especially responsible positions.
Criminal case is being investigated by the National Police under article 191 part 5 of the criminal code.

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Our mission: "To provide our Clients the freedom that is the highest value"

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Advocate - consulting bureau DonAdvocat is specialized in providing all kinds of legal assistance to foreigners and foreign companies in Ukraine, migration management in Ukraine and abroad), the support of foreign economic and investment activities in Ukraine, as well as extensive court practice to foreigners (administrative, immigration, civil and criminal cases).

Advocate - consulting bureau UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS

Law firm DonAdvocat included in a single group of companies for the provision of various services for foreigners in Ukraine: UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS (, which in turn is part of an international group of UIP Group companies have offices in many countries, located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as in Africa.

As a result, the company has successfully provided assistance to foreigners when migrating to learning and to doing business, in most areas of legal protection and financial and legal consulting.

DonAdvocat occupies a leading position among law firms in support of the immigration processes of citizens and businesses, legal support of export and import.

DonAdvocat - professionals practicing in the field of legal support of foreign economic and trade activities, migratory processes, immigration lawyers, lawyers for criminal, family, civil and business cases related to international relations, lawyers on enforcement of foreign judgments and collecting debts from foreign companies, criminal attorneys on extradition and international search, international lawyers in corporate law and the establishment of companies in foreign jurisdictions, lawyers on international planning and investment, lawyers in the field of international tax law, lawyers in support of transactions on acquisition of real estate abroad, lawyers, accompanying foreign investment and business in Ukraine and other countries.

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managing partner (Director) of the Bureau. Practicing in the field of business protection and legal support of investment projects, international consulting, the judicial process in criminal cases in the sphere of economy and corruption.


2000 - East Ukrainian state University  bachelor of economic law

2001 - East Ukrainian National University , the specialist commercial law (Institute of law and international law)

2007 - National Academy of Prosecutor General of Ukraine – public Prosecutor's supervision of special agencies that combat organized crime and corruption.

General experience in legal practice for 16 years.

Alexander is an expert Public Council at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Deputy head of the International Law Committee and head of the Department of Ukrainian Bar Association, head of the Department of Association of Advocates of Ukraine.

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Has many years of experience of supporting projects in the sphere of foreign economic activity and consulting. Specialist in the field of migration and international consulting.

Heads the Pakistan office in Islamabad.

Accompanies export-import operations for the wholesale supply to Pakistan of food, machinery and other equipment migration projects in Pakistan.

Education: LMU, 2012.

Languages: Russian, English, Urdu.




Has many years of experience of supporting projects in the sphere of foreign economic activity and international legal consulting. Specialist in the field of international consulting and foreign trade. Headed the Latin American office in Mexico city.

Accompanies export-import operations for the wholesale supply in Latin America food, machinery and other equipment, investment programs and migration projects in Mexico.

Education: Anahuac, Tulancingo 1995. Languages: Spanish, English.







Has many years of experience of supporting projects in the field of international legal consulting and foreign trade. Specialist in the field of international consulting. Heads the Africa office in Lusaka, Zambia.

Accompanies export-import operations on deliveries in southern and Central Africa food products, machinery and other equipment, investment programs and migration projects in Africa.

Education: New Horizons University, 1998. Languages: English.




 Tatiana TRAINO

Tatyana has many years of experience in the tax inspection authorities for several years headed one of the regional capital of the STI, the judge of the permanent court of arbitration, the arbitrator of the ICAC at the "European Arbitration Chamber" (Brussels), a specialist in the field of migration and international consulting.


Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Master of state law.

Advisor Tax Service 1 rank.

Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.





candidate of legal Sciences, associate partner at the firm. In charge of practice corporate and commercial law. Focuses on practices of support of investment projects, land law, domestic consulting.

Associate Professor, lecturer of the Department of Commercial law" commercial law faculty of the University. Research interests: Issues of functioning of state enterprises in Ukraine, teaches: "the Legal service of business entities", "Economic law".

Experience of 15 years. Education: East Ukrainian national University (2001), faculty of law, business law.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.




Practice: criminal law and the process of particularly complex cases in the economic sphere.

Lawyer of the Kiev Regional Council of Advocates of Ukraine since 2010.

For more than 10 years he worked as an investigator of the prosecutor's office and as a senior prosecutor of the department for overseeing special forces and other bodies engaged in combating organized crime and corruption.

Education: Odessa Law Academy, Faculty of Professional Judges Training, Odessa - 2013. 1995 - 2000 Donetsk National University, jurisprudence - specialist.



Oksana REWA

Practice: international civil & family law and process. Headed by Odessa representative office of ACB "UIP".

Oksana, after graduation, 2 years worked as an investigator and obtained experience in criminal matters, protecting the interests of citizens from unlawful encroachments on the part of the attackers. In 2007, after passing the exams in Kiev KDKA, received a certificate of right to advocacy and practice.

At the moment it is successfully civil processes for the recovery of debts, family processes on the division of property. It protects individuals in criminal cases economic orientation, illegally brought to criminal responsibility. She takes an active role in the fight against corruption and abuse of power by law enforcement officials and other government agencies, hindering the legitimate activities of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Experience of 15 years. Education: LAWD faculty of law. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian.



Practice: criminal law and process. The Expert Advisor.

More than 25 years (until 2013) worked in the prosecutor's offices in various positions, the last position held - the head of the department of state prosecution of the prosecutor's office of the region.

Education: Law Academy. Yaroslav the Wise - Master.



practice: international family law, international civil law, administrative law in the sphere of international relations.

Has extensive experience in the field of conflict of law. Worked in various positions in the state Executive service, legal officer in the legal Department of the all-Ukrainian network of supermarkets "Velyka Kyshenya".

 Education: Zaporizhzhya law Institute, 2001.

 Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.



practice: specializes in immigration consulting for foreigners in Ukraine, real estate, corporate law.

Has experience in various areas of law, management of enterprises of all ownership forms. He started his career as a chief specialist of the state Executive service, then worked for various law firms and managed enterprises. Also specializes in immigration consulting for foreigners in Ukraine.

Experience is 20 years.

Education: East Ukrainian national University (2001), faculty of law, business law.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.



Implements the representation of foreigners in government departments, in the field of judicial practice on international  commercial and international administrative disputes. 

 Has gained experience in the Commercial court of Kyiv (court clerk – assistant judge) and General counsel of the insurance company. Actively participates in community activities in the Ukrainian Association of Amnesty international.

Experience of 11 years. Education: Kyiv international University (2012), faculty of international relations, specialization in international law, master.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.



practice: international corporate law and procedure, immigration law.

She has experience in registration, acquisition and disposal of various business entities, including with participation of foreign companies and non-residents. Also actively engaged in civil cases and participates in administrative processes.

Legal experience of 2 years. Education: faculty of Law LAVD (2012), business law. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English


Ahmer KHAN

practice: international law, legal consulting of foreign trade.

Provides consulting in the sphere of foreign economic activities of foreign companies and nonresidents in Ukraine.

Education: Institute of international relations of Kyiv national University, Kyiv international University, international law. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Urdu. French.


In the Bureau employs 20 staff (consultants, attorneys, lawyers, economists, accountants), specialized in different services for foreigners in the field of learning and doing business in Ukraine.







  • The Department of international consulting
  • Department migration consulting
  • The Department of local consulting





  • Economic-legal Department
  • Civil division
  • Criminal law division
  • Administrative law





  • Export - import (international trade, foreign trade and foreign investment)
  • Immigration to Ukraine, Canada, USA, EU, Australia.
  • Case law (civil, economic, administrative and criminal)



  • Education in Ukraine, Canada, USA, EU
  • Pharmaceutical and medical law
  • Agricultural law and agriculture
  • Ecology, natural resources and recyclables
  • Transport Law (passenger and freight)
  • Heavy (metal) and textile industry
  • Banking and Finance law
  • Real estate and construction
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment



Assistance in all institutions
Protection in all government and law enforcement agencies
International consulting (Eastern and Western  Europe, South Asia, Africa, North and South America)
Representation of foreigners in higher education, the migration service, border service, embassies and consulates.  

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