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The State Bureau of Investigation in Kiev is located next to our office
Territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigations, located in the city of Kiev, please contact our office: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 26, 7th floor (Central entrance, door on the right). Metro station "Pechersk". t. 066-911-06-40
Non-conviction certificate - a problem with the timing?
Territorial service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Informatization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are delaying the issuance of these certificates. This creates tension and dissatisfaction of citizens.
Announced the vacancy of an international lawyer's assistant
The Pechersk Office of the International Attorney for Migration, International Criminal & Family Affairs requires an attorney with knowledge in the field of company registration, analysis of judicial practice or migration consulting.
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Lawyer Alexander N. Eusiutin

Alexander Nikolaevich Evsutin ( - a practicing lawyer, managing partner (director) of the Law Office "UIP".

General Director of the group of companies United International Partners

Practices in the field of legal support of investments, international consulting, criminal law and process.




Deputy Head of the International Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Expert of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Head of the regional branch of the Bar Association of Ukraine.

Head of the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.

Co-founder of the Public Association "All-Ukrainian Association of Immigration Lawyers and Consultants".

Member of the Ukrainian anti-piracy association for the protection of rights to music, audiovisual works and computer programs.

Member of the Committee on Combating Corruption and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Investments of the NGO "Narodnaya Rada".

He is an active participant in conferences, seminars and forums on immigration, corporate law, legal optimization of taxation, investment and establishment of foreign companies, the practice of the European Court of Human Rights.


East-Ukrainian National University(2001): Faculty of Law (Institute of Jurisprudence and International Law).

The National Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine(2007): the implementation of the prosecutor's supervision of bodies, institutions and operational-search activities to combat organized criminal groups and corruption.

Constant improvement of qualifications at numerous international conferences, seminars and forums on international criminal law, international corporate law, legal optimization of taxation through the use of foreign jurisdictions, international investment and the establishment of foreign companies, use of the practice of the European Court of Human Rights.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Experience and practice:

2001 - Alexander N. Yevsyutin is a legal adviser of a large agricultural processing complex of Agroton.

2002 - the military prosecutor's office of the Lugansk garrison, military service in the Internal Troops of Ukraine (The National Guard).

2003 - Mr. Alexander  is a investigator of the prosecutor's office of Novoaydarsky district (investigation of official, economic, economic crimes, including evasion of taxes and fees, serious against the person (murder, rape) committed by law enforcement officers (accidents, embezzlement, police abuse of power and their powers, forgery of documents, hooliganism committed by prosecutors), as well as violations during the electoral process).

2005 – 2007 - Alexander N. is a prosecutor of the department for supervision of the execution of laws by special units and other institutions that are fighting organized crime and corruption of the prosecutor's office of the Lugansk region (directly carried out by the prosecutor's supervision in cases of official and economic crimes committed by organized criminal groups, including in the sphere fuel and energy complex, smuggling, trafficking in human beings, overseeing the observance of laws by the officers of the Investigation Department of the Main Department of the Interior, the department of the Security services of Ukraine and the operational special units for combating corruption and organized crime (Department for Combating Organized Crime, Combat trafficking in human beings) and Combat economic crimes of the Police Department, Combat corruption and organized crime of  a Security services of Ukraine, the Office of Internal security of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, conducted a special theme of prosecutorial supervision "Human traffick" and directly participated in the prosecution of cases against organized criminal groups and gangs.

From 2007 to the present he is a lawyer, Alexander N. Evsutin is a self-employed person and an entrepreneur. Received the right to engage in independent advocacy. Having resigned from the civil service, he devoted himself entirely to the true protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and enterprises, as well as the practice of public-private partnership and investment.

2007 - 2008 Mr. Alexander is a Vice-President of one of the largest regional law firms. He is the founder of two own law offices in the Donbass (Donetsk and Lisichansk).

2008 - 2010 part - Evsutin is a judge in the Permanent Court of Arbitration "Business and Law".

Since 2009, he is the director and founder of his own company - the Law Firm, with its own offices in Kiev city, Lugansk city, Donetsk city and representative offices in many other regions of Ukraine.

2012 - 2014 Alexander N. Evsutin directly took an active part in the development of the system of free legal assistance in Ukraine and concurrently was the head of the State Enterprise "Lugansk Regional Center for Providing Free Secondary Legal Assistance to the Coordination Center for the Provision of Legal Assistance under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine."

From 2012 until today the CEO of the group of companies United International Partners with the head office in Kiev and representative offices in all regions of Ukraine, which is part of the international network of the UIP Group.


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