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Dismissal from military service of students called up for service during martial law

Regarding the release of students called up for service during martial law.

So far, it is simply impossible for them to free themselves. That is, they are not subject to conscription, but if they have already entered the service, they cannot be released on the basis of training.

The draft law on amendments to Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service" regarding the dismissal of students, trainee assistants and graduate students can change the situation.

Statement on temporary protection of citizens of Ukraine in Portugal
Statement on temporary protection of citizens of Ukraine in Portugal
The Economic Security Bureau was headed by the head of the State Fiscal Service

The Economic Security Bureau was headed by the head of the State Fiscal Service Vadim Melnik.
Earlier, Melnik served in the tax police for more than 14 years.

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Victory in the administrative court, decided to return 77,000
Victory in the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court, it was decided to return money, which were illegally recovered from a military official
If you are detained by law
If you are detained by law enforcement officers on suspicion of committing a crime, you have the right to a defense, you can carry out it yourself or with the help of a lawyer.
Lawyer Alexander Yevsiutin discussed issues of migration processes on the New Channel in the television show "the Rise"
Lawyer Alexander Yevsiutin discussed issues of migration processes on the New Channel in the television show "the Rise"
The lawyers providing criminal defense in Chisinau
International criminal defense lawyers Law and consulting Bureau "of"United International Partnership" Alexander Evsutin and Gennady Skvortsov provide legal assistance to our client from the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic in Chisinau Moldova.
The highest specialized court upheld the verdict. The client remained at large.

The Supreme Special Court upheld the verdict and the decision of the Kyiv City Court of Appeal, which imposed a delay in the execution of the sentence (conditional sentence).

The convict remained at large.

Justice triumphs! The case of Koval is closed
The case against the citizen of Ukraine Koval Oleg was simply closed, and all charges were dropped! Justice won!
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  • Advocate for probate.
  • Representation of interests in property and LAND disputes.UKRAINE
  • Legal representation in unlawful expulsion of students from the University, dismissal, violation of LABOR RIGHTS of the worker.
  • Drafting complaints to the EUROPEAN COURT of human rights (Strasbourg
    , France).
  • Services of a private DETECTIVE. Search of persons and property, gathering information


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  • Appeal against actions and omissions of organs of INTERNAL Affairs and the police in the administrative courts.
  • The collection of VAT, obtaining tax rulings, defending against TAX AUDITS, appeals of tax notices.
  • Representing interests in the tax AUTHORITIES (tax administration, the sanitary-epidemiological service, various inspection).
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  • An appeal to the EUROPEAN COURT of human rights.
  • Protection in criminal cases in the sphere of TAX EVASION (tax evasion on a large scale, the implementation of tax lien).
  • The legal protection of the interests of the criminal cases of traffic accidents (road traffic accidents).
  • Lawyer about the MURDER. Protection wrongly accused of violent crimes.
  • Lawyer on MILITARY affairs
  • Conduct forensic and damage assessment.
  • Conduct private investigations with DETECTIVES, tracking people and collecting evidence in cases

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